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Living Desert Adventure Tour:

Palmato Gecko cleaning its eyes

Feeding trac trac chat

A sidewinder eating a lizard

Sidewinder using tail as worm to attract prey

Palmato Gecko

Palmato Gecko eggs

Palmato Gecko

Palmato Gecko 'foot'

Desert Chameleon in dollar bush

Desert Chameleon

Desert Chameleon baby

Desert Chameleon eating

Desert Chameleon eating a beetle

Desert Chameleon

Desert Chameleon skeleton

Desert Chameleon eating

Client holding a Namib Sand snake

Client holding a Palmato Gecko

Client with lizard 'nose ring'

Client holding a White Lady spider

Client holding a Desert Chameleon

Regen in den Duenen

Living Desert Adventures Landrover

Living Desert Adventures Landrover

Comicus dune cricket

Dwarf Beaked snake

Fitzsimons burrowing skink

Comicus dune cricket

Chris digging to find ...

Chris demonstrating properties of the dollar bush

... and a snake catcher

Reticulated Desert lizard

Namib dune ant

Namib Sand snake

Namib Day Gecko

Namaqua Sand lizard


Sidewinder camourflaged

Black Scorpion

Black Scorpion stinger

Sand-diving lizard

Sand-diving lizard

Sidewinder snake

Onymacris Rugatipinis

Zophosis amabalis

Zophosis fairmairei

White Lady spider

White Lady spider


Palmato gecko

Namaqua chameleon

shovel-snoute+d lizard
Welwitschia Mondlandschaft Tour:

Moon landscape

Kraal aloe

Nara bush

stone plant (lithops)

male Welwitschia flower



camourflaged beetle

Euphobia virosa

wooly caterpillar

interesting granite outcrops

'little devil'


female Welwitschia flower

Welwitschia bug

Welwitschia Mirabilis

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